The Australian Healthcare Industry currently generates revenue of AU$94 billion per year. This is forecast to rise to $108 billion within the next 5 years. On another hand, the healthcare system in Australia is complex, involving many funders and healthcare providers.

The Australian healthcare industry is undergoing a change with the focus firmly on improving the quality of care delivered, enhancing worker productivity and reducing human error.

The factors driving healthcare industry challenges are:

  • Increasing costs of medical advances and the need to ensure that there are comprehensive, efficient and transparent processes for assessing health technologies;
  • Problems with Health Workforce Supply and Distribution
  • Persistent Concerns about the Quality and Safety of Health Services
  • Continued Population Growth
  • Demand for Increased Access to High-Quality Healthcare
  • Increasing Budgetary Pressures in Healthcare Institutions

Healthcare Scenario at Present

Both public and private healthcare providers need to respond by increasing their investment in technology and, in particular, mobile communications to better enable their workforces. Investment in technology can lead to higher quality patient care, reduce the cost of care for both healthcare providers and users, shorten the time to deliver and receive care, and even provide increased patient autonomy in healthcare delivery. Innovations in medical service, patient portals and information delivery can revolutionize the future of healthcare.

Our Offerings

As a software development company with years of experience gained from working with healthcare providers, we are well placed to help our customers in healthcare and medical industry, with reliable software for better health care to achieve greater efficiency within their operations; collaborate to improve outcomes; and integrate with new partners for a more sustainable, personalized and patient-centric system focused on value.

Healthcare Software Development Experience

  • Our offerings for the healthcare industry

    • Development of a complete electronic health record management system
    • A medical software which tracks past surgical reports and annual medical examinations of patients
    • Alert management for incomplete assessments, Drug-Drug interactions, Drug-Allergy interactions, and Drug-Condition interactions
    • Our improvised Healthcare Software Services can manage ICD9 codes and charges
    • Room change, Billing functionality for patients
    • All standard features of clinic management software such inventory management, mobile healthcare applications, room management, billing and maintain and track all details starting from patient admission to its discharge
To meet the ever- increasing consumer demands and adapt new technologies, look no further than TatvaSoft.

Healthcare Software Development Case Studies

Clinical Management System
  • ASP.Net
  • C#
  • ...
    • Microsoft .Net Framework
    • SQL Server

Clinical Management System

Clinical management system is a web application that automates all daily...

Physical Therapy Management System
  • Windows Server
  • PHP
  • ...
    • MySQL
    • IIS
    • Zapatec
    • jQuery

Physical Therapy Management System

Physical Therapy Management System helps control and track...

Activity Scheduler
  • ASP.NET/C#

Activity Scheduler

An application that allows doctors to manage their daily tasks and activities. By using this...

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